Our story

I was born in the countryside, where very few young people could go to school and make it to 5th grade. Most of whom later became farmers only to make ends meet.

Such dreary days have motivated me to overcome all challenges on my start-up journey, from losing everything after a flood to financial difficulties. Ultimately, I came up with the solution: natural agriculture. The procedure turns all natural enemies into resources. Golden apple snail, common water hyacinth and weed are now my friends.

Out of my hometown specialties, I chose Khanh Ha rice to experiment the cultivating procedure and fulfill my promises.

6 promises

1. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides 

2. Vietnamese rice values in vegetable noodles 

3. Khanh Ha rice fields appreciation

4. Second life for rice straws

5. Creative uses of rice bran 

6. Inspiration to all

Vermicelli, noodles and “pho" are long-standing traditional food of Vietnam, often used in daily meals. They are made from rice starch or flour with traditional methods. Many additives & preservatives are added during the old process, that's why their nutritional values are low and there is no health values.

After a period of researching and experimenting with different methods, Amazing Superfood has created vegetable vermicelli, noodles and “pho” combining rice flour with vegetable powder. Harvested rice will be selected and soaked in 8 hours to guarantee the taste and texture. The rice will then be ground, mixed with vegetable powder and pressed into noodles.

The noodles are left to sit for 2,5 hours before undergoing Japanese freeze-drying technology. After 18-30 hours of low-temperature drying process, the products retain maximum vitamins, minerals and natural colors.

Particularly, vermicelli, noodles and “pho” produced by this cold-drying technology do not contain any food additives nor preservatives, still their expiry dates are up to 12 months. Therefore, they are ideal for cooking for the whole family, especially for children during weaning period.

Sizes: 1mm, 3 mm.

Our products

Our flavors



Our factory

Amazing Superfood is the first to create these products in Vietnam.
The products have been exported to Germany & Australia.

Our 300-square-meter factory produces 800kg noodles/day without  preservatives, food colorings, or deep-frying.

Health first

The cold-pressing technology is applied to keep 80 - 90% of vitamins and minerals found in vegetable powder and rice flour.

Freeze-drying technology

ISO 22000 certified continuous production system ensures uniformity for mass production.

Modern production facilities

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Ms. Nga Quynh Nguyen
(+84) 919 120 391
71 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum st., Thanh Xuan dist., Hanoi, Vietnam